Data Image Software 影像壓縮軟體


AI Lossless and Loss Compressing Technology ; Graphic Compressing up to 1/2000, Video Compressing up to 1/1000; Live Transmission no decode required, Available for various OS system.

人工智慧無損壓縮技術(或有損壓縮); 圖像可壓縮至原圖像1/2000, 影像可壓縮至原影像1/1000, 無須解壓縮可直接讀取或傳輸乙地, 適用各種OS系統.



Attestation Fee Collection Service Enterprise. Medical Image-Processing Ent. Security Service Ent. Media, a printing Ent. Archive Service Ent. Cloud/IDC Center. GIS Service Ent.

認證公司, 醫療影像處理, 保全, 媒體/印刷公司, 檔案儲存, 雲端服務, 地理資訊服務, 國防, 交通等大用量應用.



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